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 Church of the One Miracle, Universalist

The Five Principles of Morality

1. Respect for all life, but especially human
                        life, is moral.

2. Aggressive (not defensive) first use of force is immoral.

3. Taking unearned value --theft -- is immoral.

4. Threat of use of force for gain of unearned value is immoral.

5. Deceit for gain of unearned value or to cause harm is immoral. 


Love yourself. If you don't have this love you cannot love others.

Love your family. They are your heritage, part of yourself.

Help those who, through no fault of their own, are in need.

Love truth. Knowledge brings light to the darkness.

Love justice. Otherwise evil will triumph. 


Fulfill all promises made: verbal or nonverbal, expressed or implied.

When an honorable person is found, deal with them with honor.

Practice Morality.

This Universalist declaration may be used as a guide to Humanist morality. Universalist philosophy does not ask you to believe in any particular god, but instead claims that if a God exists, He treats all of humanity the same.


This Word document is not copyrighted and may be freely copied and distributed.

Word Document of Universalist Declaration